SEO Services in Houston

During the last 2-3 years, Google launched several major updates to its ranking algorithm. Consequently, several sites lost their first page positions. Those were obviously the sites that employed questionable SEO tactics.

SEO has changed significantly over the last few years. While on-page optimization and link building are still important, successful SEO campaigns now also require some creativity.

Direct SEO Marketing is one of the most influential SEO companies in Houston. Our approach to SEO is unique in many ways. We believe that great content should be at the heart of an SEO campaign. If you have useful content on the site, people will link to it, share it, and like it. This will automatically attract a large number of links.

Below is a quick overview of our Houston SEO services.

Onsite SEO

We believe that the chief ingredient for SEO success is a great website with a sound technical foundation. Some SEO experts call this onsite SEO. In order to perform well in search results, your site should load faster. You should also have error free code.

Content building is an integral part of our SEO strategy. We put a great deal of emphasis on creating high quality content that will engage your target audience in Houston.

Blogger outreach

After building great content for your site, our Houston SEO experts will reach out to influencers in your niche. These include bloggers and journalists. By getting them to link to your content, we can attract a large number of organic links.

We analyze your data to understand your traffic and the behavior of people on your site. This data will empower us to build a great SEO campaign for your Houston-based business. We have built a project management tool to keep your campaigns on track. This tool allows us to manage your campaign effectively by allocating resources, acquiring links, and analyzing your data.

Our approach

  • We conduct a thorough audit of your website. We evaluate it from the perspective of a search engine. This will allow us to identify potential problems.
  • We will review your link profile to ensure that it doesn’t contain any unnatural links that can land you in trouble.
  • We discover your most profitable keywords and build a campaign around them, ensuring that you have tracking tools in place.
  • We also analyze your competitor’s online strategies. This allows us to learn from their mistakes and gain valuable insights.

Focus on social media

Our SEO campaigns give due importance to social media. We analyze your performance on social media. In order to create engagement with the user, we will create content that has the potential to go viral.

We get results

We will monitor your SEO campaign to ensure that we are getting the right results. We also provide monthly reports to let you know what we are doing.
Want to improve your site’s performance in search engines? We can help you achieve the best local results in Houston. Call us at 1-888-991-1146 for a free consultation.

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