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Search engine optimization allows you to acquire more leads and customers because it improves your site’s visibility in search results. These days, most people search online before buying a product or service. If your company website shows up when they search for a product, you have a much better chance of converting those visitors into buyers.

PPC campaigns are effective in attracting targeted customers. However, they are expensive. You have to pay for every click that brings in a visitor. By contrast, organic search traffic doesn’t cost anything, but making it to the top of search results is not easy. Competition is tough in the SEO industry; also, SEO strategies keep changing from time to time.

Why you can’t ignore SEO

Search engine optimization helps your users find your brand online. SEO has changed rapidly over the last few years, but that is not surprising. Search engines change their ranking algorithm frequently. SEO experts have to keep pace with these changes to deliver the desired results.

We are a leading SEO company in New York. Our approach to search engine optimization is based on best practices that comply with Google’s webmaster guidelines. We provide measurable results that are easily comprehensible. Implementing white hat SEO techniques has become imperative now because Google is waging a war on websites that adopt shady rank boosting tactics.

We measure and analyze our strategies. We are not working with the sole objective of attracting visitors. Our main focus is on retaining them. We offer fully managed SEO campaigns for our clients in New York. We also offer consultancy services and tailored training.

Our SEO consultancy services in New York

Whether you want to review your existing projects or check the capabilities of your in -house SEO team, an ad-hoc consultancy project from Direct SEO Marketing will make your SEO campaigns more effective.
When it comes to consultancy services, the components of the project can depend upon your requirements.
Our services include:

SEO Research & Audit
This involves a thorough review of your main competitors in both search and social segments. Our audit includes comprehensive keyword level research. We will also measure your social visibility and find out where engagement is occurring. You will also get to know how your site stacks up against your competitor’s site.

Technical Consultancy services in New York

We can conduct an in-depth review of your site using state-of-the-art software tools. After gathering data, our SEO experts will suggest insightful and actionable recommendations. Want to redesign your website without having to lose your domain authority and page ranking? We can help.

Managed Campaigns

If you want to focus on long term SEO, Direct SEO Marketing can offer fully managed SEO campaigns. These campaigns include all components of SEO including planning and monthly management.
Our fully managed SEO campaigns in New York are based on the following core principles.
We believe that all aspects of an SEO campaign should be easy to define, understand, and measure. During the planning stage, we will specify the scope of all deliverables. After launching the campaigns we will provide accurate reporting on your keyword visibility, activity and conversion data. We also integrate SEO with social media.
We use advanced software tools to analyze your site’s performance in search results. This allows us to provide you with measurable results.
Call us at 1-888-991-1146 to find out how we can help you with our SEO campaigns.

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