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AdSense campaigns and getting good traffic

Just because you have an AdSense campaign driving traffic to your Internet doorstep doesn’t mean it’s the right kind of traffic to have. One of the most common problems that SEO services Birmingham professionals see are companies that are getting thousands of visitors a day, but barely making one sale a month. Upon closer inspection of the type of AdSense campaign they are running, the SEO professional can see that everything about it is designed to be as nonspecific as possible. Just because you might have a product or service that comes under a single umbrella term that everyone is interested in doesn’t mean that everyone is also going to be interested in your specific site. One thing that studies about human behavior have shown is too many choices can often lead to no choice at all being made.

Niche keywords trump umbrella keywords every time

A niche keyword is what starts to narrow down who you are, what you have and who is going to want it for the search engines. You may not see as much traffic, but you will see more traffic that is going to convert on your site. The reason why this works is simple, search engines are looking at much more than keywords when they begin to try and build a results page.

Search engines look at the person looking first, then you

Search engines don’t just take a search phrase and immediately start looking for how to rank applicable pages – they actually pause to look at the person who is doing the searching first. They will look at all the known elements about them, from common words used, recent searches and geographic locations before also accessing any data associated with the IP address. Then they will put that together and send out their spiders with specific and unique criteria they are going to try and match with your site. This is why understanding your demographics completely is so important to the SEO services Birmingham company that is creating your strategy. They know that what the search engine is looking for goes far beyond just the product you have to sell.

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