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The importance of “above the fold” layout for SEO

If you are looking for an SEO services Boise company to help you improve your ranking and traffic retention for your site then you may have heard the term “above the fold.” While we usually tend to think about SEO services Boise providers concentrating on keywords and key phrases, the layout of your page is also an important part of SEO.

Where did the term come from and what does it mean?

“Above the fold” is a term from printing that refers to how a newspaper is folded and what the viewer than sees when the papers are stacked. In web design, it is the amount of the landing page you can see when you come to a page without scrolling down or interacting with the page in any way. In SEO, the images and text that are “above the fold” are given extra weight in the search engine algorithms.

How does it work with responsive design?

Responsive design is one of the SEO service Boise companies provide and it allows your web site to dynamically rearrange itself to be easily read on a mobile device. While SEO works slightly different on mobile devices, the images and texts are still arranged according to priorities in the layout. The responsive grid style layout is no different than a standard web design in that it assigns priorities by blocks to how they will appear first when the screen is open. Understanding how to manage the blocks in your design to get the best results with your SEO on any device is essential to reach the most people and increase your retention.

Discovering what you can do

Your best bet before jumping on someone’s bandwagon and hiring SEO services Boise companies is to talk to them as a free consultation. They should be able to outline several different approaches that you can take to maximize the effectiveness of your SEO. Take the time to do enough research that you understand the vocabulary of SEO so you really know what is being said to you before committing to a SEO services Boise contract.

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