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The most common misunderstanding people have about SEO

An informal poll of SEO services Chula Vista professionals asked them to list the most common misunderstanding that people have about search engine optimization. Over 90% agreed that the biggest issue was people misunderstanding the importance of keywords and key phrases. Too many people are using template web builder sites that don’t really show you how to use the keywords in your page or ads. When you then sign on and open a Google AdSense account, it becomes much like owning a boat – a hole you just pour money into. With SEO service Chula Vista professional assistance, you can avoid this mistake and make your money work for you online to earn money by bringing in customers.

Does this mean everything has to be custom?

No, you can still use templates – in fact they can provide you with a very cost effective way to get a design up and on the web. What you do need to do is have SEO services Chula Vista professionals work to customize what lies underneath your template design. You can have the simplest and most standard site that is in the top page of the search results because the core SEO tools are so integrated into the design.

What are the core SEO tools?

The core tools are going to be your content, links (to and from), visual media, layout priorities and how the headlines in the code are applied. This is all what is commonly referred to as the “back end” of the website. You then combine this with a strategy campaign in AdSense and you have a way to get on top of the search engine rankings and to drive the right kind of traffic to your site.

What is the best course of action?

Your best course of action is to talk to a SEO services Chula Vista company about what they can imagine as an SEO strategy for you. This should include a review of potential changes to your web site, an AdSense campaign, link management, content management and more. Once you talk with them you will have a better idea of what SEO can do for your business.

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