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Enhancing SEO with a Link Exchange Program

One of the things that a SEO services Fort Wayne company will help you do is build an effective link exchange program. A link exchange program is just one element of your SEO strategy. It requires managing the requests and feedbacks, as well checking back to ensure that the links remain valid. Search engines frequently update the criteria for what constitutes a valid link, so you need SEO services Fort Wayne professionals to stay on top of it. They can also provide you with an aggregate analysis that can help shape the rest of your SEO strategy too.

How link exchange can support SEO

Link exchange is very important to your SEO strategy because it is one of the ways that a search engine will measure your influence and the relevancy of your content. If you have a site for farming equipment and are linking to sporting blogs, this will not move you forward. If your farming equipment site is linking o sites that promote gardening equipment, you may see a rise in your ranking in the search engine results.

Making sure the links are valid

The process of choosing who to contact for a link exchange is simple, but it has several steps. You have to research the site to make sure that their SEO management is as good as yours – this means that there are related key words that are supported by dynamic content. Then you have to contact them, follow up on the contact, execute the link exchange and then keep verifying that the links are valid.

Why would a link be invalid?

When a SEO services Fort Wayne professional checks to see whether or not a link exchange is valid they will be looking for one of two things. The first is whether or not the link is leading to a live page. Pages come and go as web designs are upgraded all the time. The second is to make sure that the link still goes to valid content. There are old links to items that are no longer on servers out on the Internet more than you would think.

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