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Does who you link to matter?

Any SEO services Greensboro company will tell you that “clean” link in search engine optimization means that the link is relevant to your content and that the link is live. Sites and pages come and go on the Internet with surprising speed. You may have a link exchange set up only to not realize the other site has gone down. The search engine will see that and dock your rating. Also, the sites you link to, and that link back, have to have some kind of relation to your product or service – this counts for more than you think when it comes to good SEO management.

How important is it?

Who you link out to, and who links back to you, will affect your overall ranking in the engine results. A SEO services Greensboro company to help build a system of link management that helps you avoid common mistakes that can hurt your ranking when it comes to links, and get you the traffic that you really need. Building links requires a system of contact and tracking to make sure that you are connecting with all the right people on line.

How do you get links?

To get a link to another site you have to email them and request a link exchange. Typically, you offer a link on your site to theirs in exchange for the same for your site. A SEO services Greensboro team will construct a template letter and then use a spreadsheet tracking system to follow the standard time frames for following up with requests, and determining which request just are good anymore.

Creating a link strategy

Once you find a SEO services Greensboro company that you can work you need to sit with them to create a link strategy. This involves identifying the keywords and key phrases associated with your site, doing a search to find complimentary sites and then offering the exchange. The process is simple in its concept, but it can be overwhelming to try and manage on your own. Having a professional SEO services Greensboro team handling your link management can get you better results.

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