Seo Services In Atlanta

We Offer Quality SEO Services in Atlanta

As one of the largest SEO companies in Atlanta, we have helped countless sites obtain one of the top ten positions in search results. At Direct SEO Marketing, we take pride in helping our clients succeed in their online ventures. We know that their success is our success. This also explains why we enjoy a client retention rate of over 90 percent.

Our Atlanta SEO services are ideal for small businesses. We help you achieve first page positions by performing various on-page optimization techniques.

Here is what you get in the Atlanta SEO package:

Keyword analysis

You cannot succeed in SEO without determining the right keywords and using them wisely. By optimizing your content for keywords that accurately describe your products or services, you can attract a lot of visitors to your site. We conduct a comprehensive analysis of your niche to find out the most relevant keywords for your business. To determine the relevancy of a particular keyword, we consider factors such as monthly search volume and competitiveness. By putting these keywords in strategic positions on the webpage, we can improve your position in search results.

Technical review

Technical problems like errors in the HTML code and slow loading times can affect your site’s performance in search results. We conduct a technical review of your site to eliminate these problems Loading problems can slow down the indexing, and improper indexing will prevent search engines from finding relevant information on the site. Our technical review will ensure that your website is properly crawled by search engine bots.

Your website may have an attractive design, but that alone will not get you high rankings. You need clean HTML code to make sure that it is visited regularly by search engine crawlers.


Search engine optimization involves a number of techniques that will improve your site’s position in search results. This involves ensuring that the content is relevant and keyword rich. It also involves getting links from high quality sites in your niche. By performing SEO, we can ensure that your site will make it to the top of SERPs for as many key phrases as possible. We are adept at link building, and when you hire us you do not have to worry about getting a Google penalty. None of our optimization techniques violate Google’s guidelines for webmasters.

Google+ Local setup

Google+ is Google’s own social network that brings people together. Webmasters can create an Atlanta Google+ page for their websites. This will attract a large number of targeted visitors to your site. Besides optimizing your website for search engines, we can optimize your Google+ Map listing. Since they are interlinked, this will add more authority and credibility to your site’s SEO.

Regular reports

We will monitor your site’s performance constantly. Search algorithms can change, and hence regular monitoring is essential to ensure that your rankings don’t drop. We also send periodic reports to keep you abreast of the developments.

If you are an Atlanta based small business looking to improve your position in search results, we can help you. We offer customized SEO solutions that will take care of your unique needs. Just pick your phone and dial 1-888-580-8823, and our engineers will take it from there.

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