Seo Services In New Orleans

Our SEO Services Can Help You Establish Your Online Business in New Orleans

Search engine optimization helps your website get located in search results. We are an SEO company in New Orleans and have helped numerous sites succeed in their online businesses.

We have a team of highly qualified SEO experts. Our approach to SEO is innovative, multilingual, technical, and creative. It is this multi-thronged approach that helps us achieve great results for our clients in New Orleans.

We have a Technical Process

We have several years of experience in providing SEO services to clients in New Orleans. We understand technical SEO metrics better than anybody else. This helps us to improve your performance in search engines. Our New Orleans based SEO team provides the following services.

Site Audit

Your website is different that your competitors’. Thanks to our years of experience, we can enhance your site’s rankings.

Here is how we boost your SERP rank:

  • We analyze your site’s structure and navigation
  • We optimize your pages for search engines and remove duplicate content
  • We examine the URL and title tags and make edits wherever required
  • We analyze your page speed and load times.
  • We ensure that your Robots.txt works properly. We also ensure that there are no .HTACCESS issues.
  • We set up redirects.

Keyword Research

An SEO campaign is incomplete without keyword research. At Direct SEO Marketing, we have developed our own tools to identify the most relevant keywords for your business.

We find out your most profitable keywords. We also discover keywords for which you can achieve top rankings easily. In addition to these, we optimize your site for seasonal keywords that can bring in lots of visitors during specific seasons. And when it comes to multilingual campaigns, we also conduct foreign language keyword research.

We are Creative

A little bit of creativity can help you stand out from the rest. Everything that we do for your business will be infused with some innovation.

Link building

Search engines determine the value of your site by looking at the websites that redirect users to your site. That is why link building has to be an integral part of all SEO campaigns. Our link building techniques include the following strategies.

Digital copywriting

We have got a team of proofreaders and copywriters who can produce high quality content that will naturally get shared on the internet and attract links.

Blogger outreach

We reach out to other bloggers who can help spread the word for you.

Creative link building

We attract links by producing high quality infographics and running competitions. We have already achieved good results with these campaigns.

Innovative research

We keep ourselves abreast of the latest developments in SEO. This helps us stay ahead of our competition. When Google’s ranking criteria change, we also make relevant changes to our optimization techniques. As a result, we can ensure that our clients don’t lose their rankings.

We are Strategic

We provide customized SEO solutions that take into account the unique nature of your New Orleans business, your industry and your target audience. This knowledge helps us to launch highly effective campaigns.

Campaign Tracking

We can show you how people find your website and what they do when you are there. Our campaigns closely monitor your return on investment and can also show you how you can increase your rate of conversion.

Get in touch with us

Call us at 1-888-580-8823 to discover how we can ensure success for your online business.

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