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Defining your demographic using SEO reports

Every good SEO campaign works based not upon the original design, but how the design responsively changes over the duration of the campaign. Part of what an SEO services Jersey City company will do when managing your SEO is gather the monthly reports and analyze them to define your demographic better and present options for improving your returns. One of the problems that most companies face is that they don’t have a clear idea of who their real demographic is and what defines them.

Who is your demographic?

Your demographic represents your customer base according to their shared common traits. This could be everything from geographic location to race, age, gender and education. Discovering what defines your demographic is something that you can do on your own, or it can be a part of the SEO services Jersey City professionals provide you. One of the hallmarks of someone who is good at SEO is they understand that just getting a ton of traffic to come to your site isn’t going to help you, unless you are in the data aggregate business.

What are data aggregate businesses?

There are more businesses advertising on the Internet than ever before. Some of them don’t offer any products or services but are designed to impart information. While they are imparting information they are also gathering demographic information. They may also be trying to attract a certain type of person to their page to expose them to a specific ad. The person who owns the site then makes money if the person clicks on that ad. These types of sites aren’t interested in niche keywords, they need a huge volume of traffic to be successful. If you have a specific product or service, you need a more defined stream of traffic to have success.

Figuring out the right demographic for you

Talk with a SEO services Jersey City company about what it is that you have to offer customers and let them make suggestions about where to start looking to find information that will help target your demographics. Once your initial campaign is started with them, they will begin to fine tune your demographics as the campaign gathers real data for you both.

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