Seo Services Miami

Creating content for your website that is SEO driven

Content that is produced according to SEO standards is one of the latest things that search engines are looking for to determine what your ranking should be. With SEO service Miami content creation, you can be sure that the words that are on the page have everything they can to make sure you make a good impression on the search engine. It isn’t just about the words; you also need to have the right SEO enhanced media in your content as well.

Why is creative content so important these days?

Search engines used to just look for the number of times that words appeared in your content to determine how well you matched a new search. People started to really abuse this by packing text with keywords that were popular, but didn’t relate to their site at all. In fact, they even started writing popular keywords in a text color that blended into the background color of their websites to try and hide the fact that they were trying to trick you and the search engines. The search engine companies began to make it a habit to change what they were looking for, and how they were ranking what they found, in an attempt to prevent people from presenting as anything but what they really were online. The latest things they are using to try and determine the value of a website is the creative content on it.

Why images are important too

When an SEO services Miami company creates your content they will also embed a variety of visual media into the text. Not only does this then let them use the alt txt tag line to work in a keyword that will be read as valid, but the latest studies show that people on the web respond to visual media faster than text. That doesn’t mean you want to throw out all your text and only put up pictures. Your SEO services Miami professional knows the balance and pacing of text to words to keep a viewer interested in what you have to offer. They also we know how to do it in a way a search engine will respond to with a positive ranking.

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