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Data Aggregation and SEO

Data aggregation is where SEO begins. Knowing how to get the data, and being able to pull the information from it is something that SEO services Plano professionals specialize in. Don’t fall for someone advertising SEO services as just plugging in keywords and setting up a campaign. The first words you should hear out of a quality SEO services Plano company should be “what are your stats?” Here is an overview of what they are looking for, and how they will apply the information to boost your SEO.

What is data aggregation?

Data aggregation is the process of gathering information about your traffic that helps you define your demographic. You can get the information from Google AdSense and third party applications, or you can create a custom form for your visitors to fill out to get even more. Every time you answer a poll or sign up for a newsletter online, the real purpose is to gather more specific data on you. The more your SEO team designs the aggregator for gathering data, the more useful it will be to you.

What do you use the data for?

There are two main goals for data that is gathered. One, you can apply it directly to how your SEO strategy is shaped and implemented. Data reports can give you priceless information about who your demographic is – age, race, gender, income, education and geographic location to name just some of the information possible to find. You can also sell the information that you gather to marketing distribution list sites. This is what many of the news and information sites are doing that aren’t offering something for sale as well.

How SEO services analyze your data

SEO services in Plano can coordinate the data collection sources and reports and pull them into one large database. From there, you can query the database, or request specific reports to be run from the information so you can then adjust your marketing plans to make them more effective. Many SEO services will work with a specific cloud based aggregator if you are wanting a proprietary web site or mobile platform for your marketing too.

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