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Understanding the relationship of links to SEO

A large part of search engine optimization (SEO) comes from how you manage the links included on your web site. Who you link out to, and who links back to you, will affect your overall ranking in the engine results. A good SEO services Reno team will be able to help you with link management so you can avoid a common pitfall that affects most businesses that try to do their own SEO.

Just because it’s a link doesn’t mean it does you any good

When the major search engines announced they were also going to be considering the links on and too a site, just about everyone started grabbing any link and putting it in their pages. When the search engines figured out that was going on, they started to look at the relevancy of the link. They didn’t just discount the link from your score if it was irrelevant, they would lower your overall score if it was there. You couldn’t just spam comments with a link to your site and then link back to the comment thread anymore, the links had to have a purpose.

Where SEO services Reno companies come in

It isn’t enough to just have a relevant link, they have to be managed. Depending on the changing requirements of a search engine, the link that was relevant 6 months ago may be invalid know. SEO services include checks to make sure that links aren’t broken and that they still lead to sites that will improve your rank, not hurt it.

What should you do?

You don’t have to learn everything there is to know about SEO to be successful with your online presence. You do need to find an SEO services Reno company that you can work with who will take the time to make sure you are educated in the vocabulary while they take care of the details of the implementation. You don’t need to know how to do things, only to understand the concepts of what needs to be done to create an effective strategy for your SEO services Reno team to implement.

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