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SEO, mobile devices and why you need professional help

In the past decade the number of people accessing the Internet via mobile devices has climbed to almost pass the number using regular connections. In fact, studies are projecting that the majority of Internet access will be done via mobile device within the next 5 years globally. If you are a local business you have to have a mobile site that is maximized to hit those local search results. SEO services St Petersberg professionals can help you implement a responsive site that is tied to the right things to get your high ranking.

What makes a site mobile?

While smartphones are all the rage, most people don’t own one. They are still accessing the Internet on what are considered to be “feature phones.” It is thought that there will be more tablets in use than iPhones in the near future and these tablets are designed to use a modified mobile browser to access the Internet. What this means to you is that your website full of bells and whistles isn’t going to translate well on most devices. Search engines recognize this and they are looking for certain markers that indicate a mobile friendly site when returning search engine results to a mobile device. If you haven’t gone mobile with your site design, you aren’t going to show up as high on a page rank on a phone as you will on a laptop.

It’s not just the design

The way that a search engine ranks a site as mobile friendly doesn’t just come from the design, but from specific SEO codes inserted into the headers that tell the search engine what the site can do. SEO is a lot more than just keywords and images; it has to do with the coding on your site as well. A SEO services St Petersbergcompany can help you to make sure that everything is in place so that a search engine is correctly reading your website when it does your crawl. This way you won’t miss out on this growing opportunity in marketing to mobile devices.

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