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Getting web design and SEO to work together

Web design and SEO services Stockton professionals are usually treated as two different phases of the process of putting together your online presence. That is a style of thinking that has to be gotten rid of as it is reducing your effectiveness on line. While content and SEO are king when it comes to influencing traffic and getting a good search ranking; it is the design that can determine how well the user experiences your site, if they will return, and whether or not the search engine gives all that content its due.

Design placement counts in SEO

Design for Internet sites and pages copies many of the elements common to the print world – such as an emphasis on what lies above the fold. In the real world, what was above the fold was literally above the fold in the middle of the newspaper. It was given an importance because that is all a person would see as they walked past a display rack. On the Internet, the fold is the bottom of the screen and what lies above it without the viewer having to scroll. It is estimated that viewers will review the “above the fold” information of a page in under 20 seconds to decide if they want to stay and investigate further. This is why it is such an important part of SEO strategy.

Does this still matter with mobile design?

Responsive design allows your web site to dynamically rearrange itself to be easily read on a mobile device. When the SEO services Stockton professional works with a responsive web designer they are looking at a grid, not a page. The grid still has an assigned design priority that it rearranges itself by that the search engines use to help rank the content.

Finding out what your options are

Before you hirea SEO services Stocktoncompany,talk to them to find out what ideas they have for you. They should be able to outline several different approaches that you can take to maximize the effectiveness of your SEO. Make sure that you look at how the design will play on mobile devices well so you can maximize your options too.

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