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What is a dynamic cycle for content?

Everyone knows that content is now king when it comes to search engine optimization, SEO services in Tulsa know that creating good and dynamic content is much harder than it looks. You can waste a lot of your time and marketing budget on creating a web site with stellar content that will only rank well for about a month. Unless you understand what the search engines consider to be a dynamic cycle for content, you are going to start falling behind your competition. Content not only has to be unique and to change often, it also has to be relevant to your keywords and overall site

How is a dynamic cycle set?

A dynamic cycle refers to the calendar schedule in which you change the content on your site. It is defined in the file robots.txt that is loaded in the root directory of your site that lets a search engine know what pages to check for updates and when. While changing your content every day would definitely keep you on top of the world, changing it once a month is more realistic. You also don’t have to change all of the content, but get on a cycle of alternating the pages that change so that your website is always evolving.

Using cycles as effective strategies

Let your SEO services Tulsacompany create a schedule that not only cycles your creative content, but that also allows for them to pull your statistics and analyze the information so they can continue to fine tune your SEO strategy. The statistics, which you can get as a free report with your AdSense account or from several third party options, let you know who was coming to your site, where they went, how long they stayed and information about the person too. This helps you to know if your SEO campaign is working, what could be done better and what you need to stop doing so you aren’t wasting your marketing budget. These are all things that an SEO professional can do for you easily and on a rotating basis that matches the other changes to your site.

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